TWNGCBC: On A Cold Winter Morning in Morocco

If you took my World Religions class at Breck, or if you’ve read my book (The Tree of World Religions), you might remember one of the arguments in favor of the existence of God:

  1. The word “God” refers to the idea (and maybe the reality) of “that which nothing greater can be conceived.”  In other words, if you can’t think of something greater, more perfectly true or good or beautiful or large or pervasive, you are thinking of God.
  2. It’s more perfect to exist than not to exist.  A cheeseburger that you can actually eat is more perfect than an imaginary one.  A God that really exists is more perfect than an imaginary one.
  3. Therefore a nonexistent God would be less perfect than one that really exists, so it makes more sense for God to exist (thanks to St. Anselm for the idea).


Five times a day, the call to prayer rings out in muslim villages, towns, and cities.  I’ve posted a one-minute video on my facebook page.  We were walking down a steep hillside to Chefchaouen, having camped outside of town Thursday night.  Ringed by mountains, the calls echoed from all directions.  “God Is The Most Great,” they sang, and I thought of St. Anselm: Nothing Greater.  TWNGCBC.




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I am the Upper School Chaplain at Breck School in Golden Valley, Minnesota, USA., an Episcopal priest, and the author of the world religions text "Tree of World Religions," available on I've also done two lessons for TED-Ed.

3 thoughts on “TWNGCBC: On A Cold Winter Morning in Morocco”

  1. Thank you. For me, God is an experience of goodness, love, presence, and I often see what appears to be spirt some of the time that I experience this. I see the spirit in other people and in animals, plants, nature in general. There is kind of sparkle that I experience in my body that is a kind of presence, a goodness, a love, a wink.


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